You need guides when the stock market is going down

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Okay, these news might be leading you to panic mode:

1. Greece is exiting the European Union due to its massive debt
2. China stock market biggest drop


Well, you might have heard already from some news sources that the Greek exit popular called Grexit won’t have a big impact in the Philippine stock. But remember what happen in the US Sub-pime issue? Yes, all the world got dragged to it so just hold tight and eventually we will see the effects of this Grexit(if the long talks would soon end to an exit by the ways). Chinese economy slowdown finally got into it stock market and comparing it to Greece GDP I read it the loss was about eight times, that is massive. Millions if not billions were lost by tycoons and investors.

That is why you as a local investor and I hope in the near future an ASEAN investor, will be up your toes with what is happening around us.  If you go to forums and FB group members keep on asking where to invest. Well, as a financial freedom advocate, I would advise that first set aside your emergency fund, then set up your savings, and then create a plan to pay your debt fast. When these are in place you can start setting aside money for investment specially now that the Philippine stock market may or may not again have the chance to reach another high, that is going beyond the 8,000 mark.

So what should you be doing now to prepare for this?

It is hard to follow the “haka-haka” in the forums or FB groups, though these are really of great help to start with(check out our friends in the Filipino Financial Freedom Forum, The Global Filipino Investors, Investing in the Philippines Stock Market –  Tips and Tricks, Faceless Trader Ground Zero, Traders Apprentice Pilipinas and lot more groups out there). We have lots of seminars and mentoring which I suggest you attend to equip yourselves. Remember that the stock picks of other traders/investors might not be the same as yours. They may have better positions to make buy or sell trade of the stock they recommend as compared to your situation. So a guide is needed to really maximize the value of your money.

That is why I am recommending two online subscription based guide which you can refer to to able to maximize that hard-earned savings of yours in this seemingly volatile months to come.



Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez

I am sure you are familiar already with this. Bo Sanchez is one of the success stories from being a poor preacher then a conversion that being rich does not necessarily mean you are not following God’s commands made him one of the financial advocates of our time. Being rich is a blessing that will enable you to help more people, which is God’s command to love. As he transformed himself, he also extends what he learned to others and with the help of his mentors and team of financial experts they created Truly Rich Club.

My good friend Allan Ngo (the blogger behind Truly Rich Club Blog) has this video below. He shares his experience as a member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. He relates how he was frustrated when he started investing. He never really had a good start until he became member and followed the guidance which the Truly Rich Club sends to its members.

P.S. To learn more about investing and other online passive income opportunities, check out Allan Ngo’s blog


Still not convinced?

Omeng Tawid of Smart Pinoy Investor have this post that explains much of how Truly Rich Club works. An excerpt of that post is quoted below:

Many associate Truly Rich Club with stock market.

That’s understandable given the fact that its founder Bo Sanchez has published two of his finance book that are both related to stocks investing particularly in Philippine Stock Market.

The first one which shocked the world is entitled My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… and Why You should Too! This book contains the exciting story of her two maids who aim to make their millions by investing in Philippine Stock market with his own guidance.  In effect they’re getting their club membership for free HAHA.

The second one, entitled The Turtle Always Wins, on the other hand relates the story of four kinds of participants in the stock market. It also introduced to the public the current strategy of the club which is (SAM) Strategic Averaging Method, one that refined the original strategy of the club during its first days.

But if you examine more closely the structure of the club, there are actually only two components of which that cater to investing in stock market – Stocks Update and Stocks Alert.

Read more


You can check out yourself and see the number of individuals who have adopted the recommendations of  Truly Rich Club and been reaping the returns of their investment. To check it out yourself, click this link – Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?


Pinoy Investor

This is a newsletter type of membership where reports and guidance from the best stockbrokers of the country are packed and delivered to help you make smart investing decisions.












Krissy Domingo of and Filipino Financial Freedom Forum explains more the good info one can get when you become a subscriber:



Last year, we brought you one of the highly read articles here in MoneyLifeBlood –11 Premium Stock Market Newsletters You Can Subscribe. You can also find a similar review in another well-received article Should I Join the Truly Rich Club?While we basically listed 11 newsletters, here in this new article we will be zooming into one of the popular stock market newsletters today, the PinoyInvestor Stock Market Guide.
Today, you guys would have seen on Facebook a lot of PinoyInvestor posts like price forecasts, etc and when you’ve visited the site and downloaded a free report, you’d probably be like one of my blog readers who commented that most information are blurred. Let’s look now into the benefits of subscribing for the paid service. Please note that if you guys want quick, “spoon-fed” type of information you’d probably be better off subscribing to these stock market newsletters. But for me, I still highly encourage all my readers to study fundamental analysis and technical analysis to improve your investing/trading skills too. Such that time will come, you may already give up your subscriptions and save on costs.
The PinoyInvestor is a stock market guide which can be used for free or for paid service. It combines the research works of 8 partner brokers: AngpingOnline, ABCapital Securities, 2TradeAsia. Unicapital Securities, Regina Capital Development Corporation, DA Securities, RCBC Securities and First Metro Securities. (If you want to see a comparison of these online stock brokers like fees and opening requirements, please visit this previous article).

If interested to these two great membership services check them out by clicking the links below:




See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)



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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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