What is Expert Stock Screener?

Are you a new in the stock trading? Probably you have been introduced to Value investing which focuses on fundamental analysis as well as Momentum trading which requires technical analysis and I guess your head ache with all these analysis right?

Each has merit in your decision making thus you cant just use one analysis over the other. Using the two though would be tedious and it might use a lot of your time that you wont be able to catch the market. 

There is a company that provides a product called Expert Stock Screener

APF Trading is a Singapore based company that provides trading advisory services and products which include Expert Stock Screener. They provide the product into specific market like the PSE(Philippine Stock Exchange), Singapore Stock Exchange,  Bursa Malaysia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Hongkong Stock Exchange and India Stock Exchanges.

Below is an introduction from APF Trading’s website about Expert Stock Screener:
APF Trading has designed an Equities Screener, which combines BOTH Fundamental and Technical analysis, so investors can easily seek alignment between the 2 approaches, and at one glance zoom in on the most promising stocks. 
Fundamental Analysis Approach: Provides you the potential upside of stocks as indicated by Financial Institutions. 
Technical Analysis Approach: Uses APF Trading‘s proprietary algorithm which quantifies daily/weekly/monthly chart action, based on the Japanese Ichimoku Trading system and other unique qualifiers.
How does it help you?
Expert Stock Valuations stack odds in your favor
Maximize Profits by zooming in and sorting out stocks with the most upside
Gain Unfair Advantage by quickly understanding smart money flows, without the need to read through 1000s of research reports
Advanced Insight through alignment of both fundamental and technical direction

Check this video to understand how APF Trading combined Fundamental and Technical analysis into Expert Stock Screener:
Interested in APF Trading’s Expert Stock Screener
Learn more about Expert Stock Screener click here and make that profitable stock trade right now.
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1 comment for “What is Expert Stock Screener?

  1. Frangelo T.
    October 5, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    I can’t seem to access APF’s stock screener tool. Can you help me?

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