What is coming for the Philippines?

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The August Ghost month ended and the famous BER-months has already started which most Pinoys consider as the first day of Christmas. The local and regional stock markets are still in slump due to again troubles here and there like the ongoing chaos in Middle-East specially Syria, the stimulus issue in the US, and probably the ongoing Napoles Pork Barrel/PDAF scam in the Philippines.

When 2012 ended the Philippine Stock Exchange was soaring and it nearly broke the 7000 barrier which it did in the first half of this year. We were looking forward for a 8000 PSEi but all of a sudden it seems that such would juts be a dream. The issues and world troubles has change everything and our hopes even amidst a healthy Philippine economy might not come true.

 I don’t want to sound so negative, I just wanted to share that not all things happen our way and with that in mind we have to be prepared for such.

There is one thing clear that I still read in the news today, the Philippine economy is still robust to date. I know we are again facing political chaos with the Napoles scam and if this story is solved and the alleged erring lawmakers and other personalities connected to it will be named, make to answer for the wrong done for the Filipino people, and that the huge amount in question be put back to the Philippine economy surely at least fix the slump in the economy. Most of it would be to make the Filipino people invest on its own rather than waiting for foreign investors to come back who just take advantage of our economy’s ups and downs.

Aside from we Pinoys investing in our own country I believe fixing the situation in Mindanao will surely change a lot. Mindanao has been ignored for so long and our kababayans there can really contribute to the nations overall growth.

source: http://www.wayph.com

So we hope and pray that the changes happening right now will be directed towards Philippines becoming a more stable and peaceful place.Let’s all look forward to that.

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