The Philippine President’s SONA(State of the Nation Address) 2013

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To read the entirety of the President’s State of the Nation Address click here (to read the English translation of the President’s SONA click here).

The entire speech was in Pilipino and it was a very long read(yes I read it and it took me nearly 2 hours).

The Philipppine President's SONA2013(State of the Nations Address 2013)


Based on it, the basic concept he was trying to point is that the Philippines needs to clean itself from corruption and start really doing things right and with its people working together and aiming for the greater good instead of delaying things in order to benefit the few.

What was also pointed out is infrastructure. The country needs roads, airports, good waterways, irrigation, hospitals, to support the growing economy. Also the need to think systematically and to cut red tape which has been a culture must be implemented.

He mentioned some good things that happen but I believed Philippines can do more than that. It is unfortunate that we let our neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to fare better than us when back them we were all in the same level.

But it is not too late.

People outside the Philippines even foreigners are now believing in us. How about you Filipino, do you believe in your country now? I know it is hard to believe when everyday of your past you saw all the things that made the country crumble. But now what we need is to believe in ourselves and in our nation and let’s start investing in the Philippines.

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Check this news article from for some thoughts of the business leaders on the President’s SONA.

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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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