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VLOG Taxes Episode4: Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN) Discussion

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This VLOG is a short video discussion about Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN) and the importance of it. A lot of comments in one of my blog post was all about issues encountered with TIN. Most of the questions are from new employers who thought they already have a TIN but not sure what was it since their first employer never really give it to them.

I hope you learn from this video and if you want to add more to it please post your sharing or two cents in the comments box.


See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

April 15 Tax Day Reminder

Your accounting and computer skills could be offered part time to those who cant afford to have a full accounting and IT department themselves

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Just a friendly reminder. If you will be filing your own income tax or if your business has its fiscal year ending Dec 2014, your deadline to file your income tax return is this coming April 15, Wednesday. You should…

Tax and taxes

KNow the reason why you and I have to pay our taxes right

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I was just in a coffee shop here in Makati and while enjoying my coffee and doing some photo editing(I went out of the house due to the bad atmosphere after doing nothing whole day) I overheard the conversation of…