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I was supposed to write this post last year(2013) but got stuck with the holidays.

What really prompted me to write is about the several vehicular accident in the Philippines specially the bus that fell and killed lots of our kababayans. Also the MRT/LRT experience I got while in Manila for my job interviews made me think back of my October 2013 HK & SG trips.

Forgive me if in a way I will express disappointment of our country’s slow-paced growth. Yes I said slow-paced even though I have been raving about our country’s stellar economic performance in the past two years. Slow-pace in a sense that to date the benefits of the good economy is still enjoyed by the upper strata of the society; it has not really trickled down to the lower class of the society.

The recent vehicular accident clearly shows how poor and far our standard from other ASEAN countries. I remember the commentary of Ted Failon and Noli De Castro in the news TV show TV Patrol. Buses should be at the same level as where passenger alights at the same time there are only designated stops to alight and get down the bus. Also the bus driver in HK called our attention when we went out on the wrong door. Buses must have an entrance and exit doors to have a smooth flow and avoid delays in traffic. Also buses in HK & SG are friendly to disabled and old people by providing spacious walk way and automated lift in case one is in a wheelchair.

You might tell me that bus companies can’t afford such but the problem is there are so many bus companies running EDSA alone and such number actually congest the streets. Why not these companies consolidate and give the public the best transport service ever. Again you will raise that if that happens we, the riding public, will be burden with high transportation cost. Yes we have to in order to have an efficient transportation system. Don’t get me wrong. At times we go out for no apparent reason and thus add up to the traffic happening in the streets specially when you either stop a bus in the middle of the road to alight or stop and get down in a wrong place when a designated area is available. We are actually lazy people. We wanted to get down right in front of our destination even if such is not the proper bus stop.

So here are some suggestions(if you may) on how we can feel improvement in our country.

1. Educate the common people – yes I believe educating the common people is the key. But don’t educate by sending to school or seminar because only a few can be reached on such. I suggest that do a 2-5 minute infomercial to be aired on the most watch telenovela in primetime. Infomercial could range from simple traffic rules and why such is implemented and why each citizen has to follow; why citizens has to pay taxes(amidst all the scandals); the benefits of being on time(yes we need to be punctual in all that we do); and so many more things. Also no politician, political group, even the president should appear on such infomercial(walang epal please). Also we need the cooperation of all media networks including cable companies to include such infomercial.

2. Set standard guidelines on all government transaction – at times each city; government agency; or offices has several guidelines  or steps when we transact with them. Why not make a standard procedure so that the people will get it and be able to follow it.

3. For the citizens to cooperate to government programs so that we can fully absorb its benefits before giving negative reactions – yes this is one of the reasons why the Philippines has a slow-paced growth. It’s easy for us to complain on new ways or system that the government or any organization who wanted to try out things to see if it works. We pre-judge much of it giving a perception that it wont work. Let’s test it first and then do something or better yet contribute to make it better.

Do you know anything that would contribute to a better Philippines? Please share it.

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