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When I started blogging years back the idea was just to express myself. Of course the very successful Filipino blogger that I know back then was Abe Olandres of

Online and Digital Products

Blogging has evolved so much that the usual platforms for blogging are now marketing vehicles for most of the Pinoys from fashion Vlogs to travel to digital stores and services. Indeed Pinoys are now living the digital age so to speak. As for me, my blog has always been my contribution to educating my kababayans about financial literacy. I have also started a YouTube kind of thing which they call Vlog. The very first videos I created was for my art and hobby doing time-lapse which you can check out at my Delos Angeles Photography YouTube. You can also check out my Taxes VLOG post here by going to the Videos in the menus.

But online products have been one of the recently profitable businesses ever since digital world opened to most people. With technology at the tips of our fingertips videos, apps, and software are just a click away as long as you can pay it online or with the a little bit not instant ways like depositing to a bank account or through third-party service points like that available in 7Eleven stores. Any one now can create a digital product and sell it online. Worse is a few do pirate and make money out of it. But let’s all be legit and be responsible netizen. Even though these products have no physical form, illegally sharing them especially for profit is a big no-no. Also because of these actions, the owners of such digital products have to employ securities to protect their properties thus adding to the cost of the item.

As for myself, I have been working with Idea School and we recently converted a live seminar into a 5 part video. It was the No Money Down Formula in Real Estate book launch and the Real Estate Strategies seminar by Ronald Cagape last May 28 at Ceferina’s Restaurant in Quezon City. The seminar is geared towards those who are interested in real estate investing. It is a starter for those who want to learn how to do condo rentals, apartments, for aspiring real estate brokers, investors who want to diversify to real properties, and even for those shopping for the dream house your budget can afford.

Below is a preview of the 5 part video of the live seminar:



Digital stores are now easy to set up for a fee and some free platforms like, Weebly, and the like. These online stores have been digital entrepreneurs’ money machines like most bloggers where they sell their digital products. Others earned by sharing in the ad revenue in their YouTube videos. And most are using their blogs and video channels to funnel clients back it to their main businesses.

The site is a self-hosted blog/site using WordPress and with the powerful Woocommerce for online business platform, we are able to create a gateway for digital products. PayPal has really made it easy as well for digital entrepreneurs to really run everything automatically. The system sends email notification at every stage of the order.

When you go to you go to search field at the upper right and type Real Estate Strategies or through the “Browse now” link in the categories menu just below the slider in the home page: official page

real estate videos

Complete the necessary fields of your order and proceed to checkout. Upon a successful checkout you get your acknowledgement receipt (confirmation) of your order in your email.My Idea School order receipt

Depending on your payment mode and the system’s quick response, your digital link for the ordered products will be emailed to you in the Completed order email. If you have paid via PayPal or credit card you should get the completed email after the confirmation email. If you haven’t received it yet please email [email protected] and indicate your order number so that we could complete the order in the system. Should you opt to pay via bank deposit we need to check if your deposit already cleared in Idea School’s bank account before completing your order. Attaching your deposit slip, screenshot of the online payment, or forwarding the email confirmation of your bank will expedite your order to be completed. Note that the links are in the email usually just like in the below screenshot:


Please click the links and follow the instructions of your browser. You might need to click again the downloaded link to link you to the main container of the files. We are working on making downloading easy and faster so that future products will be quickly downloaded.



Again the world is changing and we are now in the digital age. Becoming a digital entrepreneur is one of your options as a side business or better yet a full-time business. There are other ways to capitalize on the digital platform like email marketing, affiliate business where you earn commissions selling other’s digital product, ad revenue in your site or videos, app or software, and even your digital photos.


Interested in setting up your online business? Let me know and will try to help you or refer you to an expert in digital products or business.


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Louis Delos Angeles is a Certified Public Accountant, blogger behind Investing in Philippines, and author of Investing in Stocks: Preparing for the future small amount at a time. Check him out in Google+ Learn more about Louis and his financial freedom advocacy here.

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  1. July 12, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Nice! Baka subukan ko yan, although most likely magpupublish muna ako ng eBook (Malamang hindi publish on own website - Amazon ko ilalabas for more exposure kahit mas-maraming competitors).

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