Ideas to run your business from Naruto Shhippuden


You might be wondering who is Naruto. He is a manga character in that is all about shinobi which  means a ninja or a soldier of the village. I guess you might still be wondering how a manga character will help in running your partnership or business.

First of all I will be explaining why I choose Naruto manga to illustrate how we should be managing our business or partnerships. The manga Naruto is one of the most widely known manga to date. It is now in its second story line which is about how Naruto’s village, Konoha, came about and how all other things in his world is.
The story is all about warfare thus just like the lessons we learn from the Art of War, we can also apply the simple yet very useful ideas and tactics in our partnerships or business.

Naruto and building a team

A business or partnership no matter how you look at is a team. It could be a team of the owners, partners, employees, and the like. In the manga all teams are usually made up of 3 subordinates and a team head. With that let me point out some things how Konoha make up their team and how we could apply this.

Team members are decided by the Hokage, the head of the village.

The highest or the top shinobi decides who goes into a team. His decision is final and should not be influence by others specially those who wanted to pick their own team. Team members are not picked up because they are the best but rather they are pick up and teamed with those who will need their skills and vice versa.

Each team is composed of different genin or subordinates who might have weakness but have some special skills that the team needs. In the case of Naruto, he was paired with  Sasuke who is far skilled than himself.  And to that a girl in the person of Sakura is paired with them. On top of that they are under the guidance of Team captain Kakashi.  As team each has to look for one another and assist one another no matter what in the battle field. The team should not be perfect at all but rather the members of the team should adjust to each other in order to execute their missions.

Same with any business or partnership. If we keep on looking for the perfect person to be a partner, manager, or employee we would not be able to put up a team. We got to find people who are willing to adjust and keep up with the team rather than people who wants to be served first before doing their assigned task.

Look for partners that may have differences with you but are willing to work it out to make the business happen and profit. Look for managers who will lead their subordinate rather than slave them. At the same time employees no matter how one is different from others must work together to make things happen for the business.

A team exist because its members are working hand in hand towards its purpose.

Naruto and decision-making

Decision are made by the team captain in every mission.

The whole Konoha is under the Hokage thus the Hokage makes decisions for the whole village, he is the captain of the team. Same with those team captains of every cell of 3 genin. He makes decision so that his subordinates can do their part in executing the mission.

That is same with any business and partnership. If sub-ordinates don’t follow the instructions of the supervisor and act on their own things will get worse. If partners don’t agree nothing will happen and might lose an opportunity. Somebody has to make decisions and that somebody is someone who everyone looks up to. If every member would go their way thinking their acts are better it will surely lead to downfall. The best way to address any difference is to bring it forth and talk it out.

At times decisions  are made out of emergencies thus it would help if sub-ordinates suggest first before acting on their own. If some partners have known information that might imperil the business operation such should have been brought to all members so that a corrective action can me decided upon. If there is a difference between partners, members, or co-employees such should be address and a solution with the least impact should be made and implemented.

An uncoordinated decision or instruction will surely lead to chaos. That is why it is best that such decision-making should be made by a leader that everyone looks up to.

Naruto and training

Since Naruto and the rest of the shinobis are there for missions or battle they got to train in order to have the necessary skills. Also Naruto trained under great senseis. Naruto started with everyone not expecting anything from him but as he found his strengths and under the guidance of sensei Iruka, Kakashi, and Jiraiya he finally become the great shinobi of Konoha even surpassing his great father the Fourth Hokage, Minato.

In business or partnership everyone has to get training to learn the trade. You just can’t enter into a partnership with someone and expect them to know the trade. At times you got to teach your partners in business so that they will understand the business. Same with managers and co-employees. You don’t expect to have a newly hired employee who has no experience on sales able to make a thousand sales in a day without first training them how to.

There will be people who don’t have the skill but have a learning curve far normal from others and there are those who are just plain lazy or uninterested. If you get a partner or an employee get someone who is eager to learn. WIth that attitude plus good team members ho will act as his or her mentor or “sensei” they will know what to do in a short while.

Trainings are very important. Trainings keeps you up to date with the changing work and business environment. At times management sees training as waste of time and resources of which some are true thus the management has to pick a good training program or seminar which will really mold their employee or themselves to be better business owners, managers, or employee.

As they say you got to work smart.

Now why is a personal finance blogger writing about Naruto and how the ideas and lessons in Naruto can be applied in Stock or any other investing?

Even if stock investing or any other investment is plainly done by you or with a team, you will have to work out with other people in doing such. You might be a stock investor or trader but you got to work it out with your broker. You got to find your team that is you, your broker, and probably your bank. At times things don’t work out because you, your broker, or your bank has some problems that is why finding the best in each and making adjustments will fine tune your team.

You might be operating a small business that has you as the head and your wife or husband as the assistant. It may look awkward but you as the leader of that small business has to make the calls. When things go wrong or chaotic you have to make decisions to put back your small business,may it be a home based business or a small shop, to the right track.

Also no matter how small or simple your business setup you got to have training. Get mentors, read books, practice with a stock trading game, cashflow 101, monopoly, or any other game that is related and simulate your trade or business. Keep yourself up to date.

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