Revisiting my first post: Is it a good time to invest now?


It is worth reading an old post. 

Back then the situation is pretty much similar that is we are in the middle of a financial crisis. (Click here to read my very first post. Please leave your comments on how different is today’s crisis from the last). My question was “Why invest?

Now this is my question: Is it a good time to invest now?

Yup the stock market had a roller coaster ride. The Philippine Stock Market reached its highest two or three times before it succumb to its current level due to US debt crisis. You might wonder why am I asking if it is the right time to invest. Well as I recall again there is no right time to invest because “now” is the right time to invest. But it is so scary out there don’t you think. The DOW dive nearly 600 points down then recovered back then went down again, it is so risky and still why do I say it is a good time to invest now.


Now probably you have to ask me direct, Louis why is it a good time to invest now?

Here are my reasons:

1. Stock prices of blue chips companies went down therefore you
    are getting them at a bargain.

2. The current financial crisis is of the US not of the world yet. So it
   may have affected other markets but surely it is temporary as it
   has always been. So take advantage of the time.

3. Stocks of true value will come out in such situations. Those who
   are really just mere stocks will fall but those who truly deliver 
   profitability amidst crisis will stand out.

4. If you already have stocks it is a good time for you to average
    down big time. 

So what is your move now? Probably you might say you’ll think about it. And that is good as well. In stock investing you always have the final word. No one can tell you what to do but only you as an investor have to push that buy button or if you prefer to sell then sell button.


So is it really a good time to invest now? Would appreciate sharing your thoughts by leaving comments below.
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