Preparedness is a lifesaver

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Just a quick one.

source: theABSCBNNews Youtube channel

The Philippines specially Visayas area has been literally plowed by the strongest recorded typhoon that ever hit landmass and its name is Yolanda(Haiyan). As of a few minutes ago I saw the death toll already at 100 as per news and data gathered by government. There could have been massive loss of life and property but with the continues warnings and advice given on Wednesday and Thursday the impact of such monster typhoon is at least lessen.

That is why preparedness is a very important thing that each of us should include it in our plans. Being prepared in times like this or any other tragedy is a must that at times it is a lifesaver. Financially, having an emergency fund is really handy. You really don’t know when crisis struck. Aside from emergency funds one should have insurance(which I am also guilty of not yet really getting one) and a retirement fund in the your golden years to come.

Let us all be prepared. I also ask you to join us in prayer for those lost souls brought about by this typhoon and may we continually help our nation by either being a volunteer, or by giving donations in kind, organizing fund-raising for the victims, being a source of information for rescue operations, and by being one with the nation specially in this trying times.

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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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