Philippines’s Second Investment Grade Upgrade

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Standard & Poor's gives Philippines its second investment upgrade


Yes Philippines is hot this summer with the second investment upgrade from Standard & Poor’s. Click here to read full article from

With this new news, the Philippines will now have better chances of being at par with its top neighboring countries in Southeast Asia as well as the whole of Asia. The Philippines was once the leading nation in the Southeast Asian region but after several years of corruption and turmoil our country has become the laggard of Asia.

With all this what do you think can truly propel the Philippines to be able to be a fully develop nation and not be branded as a Third world country?

In my opinion developing Mindanao and the Northern Luzon could be the turning point. Mindanao has been left behind because of the armed conflict that has lasted several years. With the progress we are attaining with the differences with our Muslim brothers and securing peace in the Mindanao region could lead to development of what Mindanao has to offer.

The Northern Luzon region as well is not only for tourism but several opportunities await. Some provinces are capable to till farm products that can be exported. The mountains have been the source of the great wood like mahogany and acacia and with a system to grow these kind and harvest them in the vast forest the woodwork and furniture industry could be further strengthen.

Of course the best and biggest resource we could give to the world is our human capital. There is a need to upgrade our kababayans to better match the services needed by other countries. The BPO and the call center business in Metro Manila could be expanded and instead bring it in the Northern Areas or in the Southern areas thereby keeping employees near their families and have a better living condition than adding to the congestion in Metro Manila.

Again this new investment upgrade is a great development in our nations history. We need to work harder to keep it and further develop it.

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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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