Paying it forward: Giving back

Have you seen this movie where a young boy changes a whole town with his concept of helping 3 people and these three people have to help another 3 people in return?

What would you do if your stock investments has gain a lot? Would it be nice to share your blessings? One rule that me and my friends in a stock forum is to always divide your earnings into five. One of those is for God. Why would we advice to set aside some of your funds for God?
Well just like the gospel today and the sermon I heard we are reminded to be as shrewd as the prodigal steward. We must be responsible enough for our finances that whatever is entrusted to us we must be responsible for it. The steward wasted his masters money and so in order to prepare for it he called those who owed his master and help them in their accounts so that when he has no one to turn to they would help him in return. Again a stern warning that no one can serve two master. So our master is only the Lord and don’t let money be your another master but let your money serve you by serving others.
When you are able to give back it creates this feeling inside of you that you are rich that you can shell out some money or in our case as stock investors some of our earnings from stock investments for donation to a cause.

But it is not only by way of giving money that you can serve others, why not give your time or better yet share your strengths and talents. A friend of mine is asking for your help in a project with Gawad Kalinga this coming Sept 25, 2010. Details below(taken from a forum post in

Just wanna ask your help for our sister in

Guys do you have time for something great?

Our sister here in the forum would like to ask for your time and your strong bodies for a Gawad Kalinga Project… If you can and you have time to share please PM or email sis maria28
the upcoming projects are below(from sis maria28):

GK Build @ GK Bulaklakan, QC on Sept25

meet-up at Xavier Hall, ADMU 7am ^^ be in your working/building clothes such as gloves, hats or caps, bring sunblock, water..

You can sign up also for the:

CG - Gawad Kalinga Team LOJ Club
[after Feasts]
flexi sked.. we’ll meet at preferred place and time..

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