Parents, should you obligate your kids to support you?


This has been a long debate and I made a video to share my take on this issue.

The key term here is “Obligate”. By obligate I mean parents require or demand there newly graduate/hired children to support them. They now say that it is high time to collect what the children owe.

This has been a bad cycle for the Philippine society. When parents treat their children like this there is a likelihood that these children will do the same to their future children and so on. It is in a way bad, that is why I am not in favor, because it creates the pressure on children to seek work and work more just to satisfy their parents rather than satisfying their personal hunger for the good.

When such “demand to provide” starts to put stress , it will build a tension and in the long run grudge towards parents. Such relationship should not be fed by such grudge or else when parents die early it would be a relief for the children as if they are unbound from a chain. And that would seem to be morbid or unemotional.

Rather I want parents to let their children be thankful in their capacity. I would rather see a child giving back freely to his mom and dad by either treating them lunch out or a dream vacation once in a while. And more heart-warming is if parent have emergencies and your children easily volunteers without question and they truly give generously.

It is awkward to see when parents get hospitalized and outside the room or in the hospital hallway children are arguing who will pay for the medical bills or who would stay to look after. With it be better and would you feel more loved if your children will all come to your side attending to all your needs not with a sense of because they have to but rather because they really love and care for you. Think about it.

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2 comments for “Parents, should you obligate your kids to support you?

  1. January 7, 2016 at 1:57 am

    Hi Louis, I like seeing and hearing you video blogs, but one thing notice about the quality of “voice”. The voice should be crisp or HD, maybe you need a strong microphone to pick up your voice and I hear some little background noise. I hope my comments will help. Thanks and all the best. Shalom.

    • January 7, 2016 at 7:26 am

      Thanks Ruvilnam for the feedback! Yes actually I am just using my camera’s internal microphone and I am just videoing inside the apartment and outside is a busy street and an ongoing building construction. I have been searching for a good wireless microphone for sometime now. Thank you for the encouragement to do videos again. I will definitely do my bets to make a quality video.

      Thank you very much for your support.

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