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Last week we caught the news about Maybank ATR Kim Eng joining the online stockbrokers list the PSE has. It is running in PSE’s platform, PSETradex, that will enable trading participants to offer online services without creating their own system to implement such. PSETradex was launched late last year and personally I only heard about it lately. So I went and check the PSE’s website and to my surprise there are two other brokerage firms already using the PSETradex platform namely BA Securities Inc. and Coherco Securities Inc.




Below is news from regarding MAKE Trade:

Maybank ATRKE Securities signs up for PSE online trading platform

By: Krista Angela M. Montealegre,
March 11, 2014 11:04 AM means BUSINESS

MANILA – The local unit of Malaysia’s Maybank has tapped the online trading platform of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to extend the company’s reach to retail investors.

Maybank ATR Kim Eng (MATRKE) Securities Inc rolled out MakeTrade on Tuesday to become the third brokerage to sign up for the bourse’s online facility. Since it is not the first mover in that space, the brokerage wanted to wait for the right time until offering such platform became economically viable, MATRKE Securities chairman Lorenzo Roxas told reporters.

“In terms of per capita GDP, now is a little bit more right in terms of timing to enter that space. In terms of money supply growth in the country, it’s more conducive. It’s a matter of helping educate potential investors into investing in equity-related products. There’s a big difference between 10 years ago and today in terms of the investment profile of Filipinos,” Roxas said.

MATRKE Securities sources 90 percent of its business from its institutional clients, but it has maintained its domestic retail presence for over 20 years through traditional retail outlets in Cebu and Davao.

Among the top five players in terms of market share, MATRKE Securities is the only brokerage with a branch presence, Roxas said. “Our initial target is not big in terms of numbers. A big step is converting our high net worth retail client base into online customers. We want to provide them a different platform to execute. The number one player generates today 5,000 retail customers per month. For us that’s not entirely the target just yet. We’re looking to grow it gradually but we’re looking at a higher revenue per customer,” he said.

MakeTrade will offer the most advanced online platforms of the PSETradex, namely Xplore and Xpert. Xplore is a browser-based, simple and easy-to-use platform for people on the go, while the application-based and professional level Xpert caters to more advanced traders. MakeTrade will also offer an innovative technical charting tool called Xtrack.

MakeTrade also has helpful tools such as Insight Story, a combination of research reports, market commentary and analysis, as well as Coaching Sessions, an interactive platform for clients to further expand their knowledge of investing and trading.

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With PSETradex more means of trading will be available to the public and at the same time a cheaper service may be paid in the long run. There are about 133 trading participants in the Philippine Stock Exchange. If these brokerage firms make the move to add an online service and will offer affordable service and wiser financial advice the push to raise the percentage of investing Pinoys might go beyond the current 1% of the population. Also with the upcoming ASEAN integration, the Philippine’s growing economy, and financial advocates campaigning for better personal financial management the question of whether the miracle happening in the Philippines will trickle down to the poorest of the poor might one day end and that the Philippines might have a society far better than our first world country has now.

Let’s all hope for that, and it all starts with us Pinoys. So we must love our country and start investing in our own.

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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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