Online Stockbroker: How to place a GTW or GTM order in FMS

Learn how to place a GTW or GTM order in your FMS stockbrokerage account


I know this is some kind of a late post about the topic or if you are not yet familiar with First Metro Sec’s(FMS) Good Till Week(GTW) or Good Till Month order type then please watch the video I made below.

Also this will be my first attempt to create video tutorials on my own. Recently my peers and some blogger friends has dive into the new media. It is easy to learn by watching a video while having some notes to look back. And with that I think showing you how to do it will surely make it easy to learn.

Basically the GTW/GTM was the old Good Till Cancelled order. What it does is that you can set your Target Price(TP) or Stop Loss and implement a buy or sell action once such is reached. It is an easy way to managed your portfolio if you know and have faith in your trades and a way to use your time wisely on other important things instead of you checking the stock market’s movement.

Please watch the short video below and share your comments for more improvement for the other “How to’s” that I will incorporate in our blog.

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2 comments for “Online Stockbroker: How to place a GTW or GTM order in FMS

  1. jerrry
    August 30, 2013 at 5:23 am

    I like it louis….so loud and clear!

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