New Year, Healthier Finances


For sure you are still sleeping by the time I posted this.

But let’s get started with positivity this 2013. Lots of us have written “dieting” as one of our new year’s resolution but I guess we should trash that out for this year. We have been writing that and we have never really achieve it because food is just so good. So instead of dieting why not focus your energies this year with your finances.

2012 might have brought so many bad spirits:

  • credit card debts
  • another SSS or PAG-IBIG loan
  • company loan
  • utang(borrowed money) to your officemate
  • utang(borrowed money) to your office canteen
  • utang(borrowed money) to your sibling or mother
  • and so many more utang(borrowed money)

 Make it your new year’s resolution to drive this bad spirits away and start building an abundant and prosperous you this 2013.

In order to do that you got to:

  • start saving
  • slowly put up your emergency fund
  • pay your onerous debt one at a time until they are fully paid
  • start setting aside money for small businesses on the side or a investment in stocks, mutual fund, or any other financial instrument
  • start learning all about investment and how to profit from it better

As they say you nothing is easy but you got to start somewhere. So stretch up, gear up, and make 2013 a very abundant and debt-free start for you!

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Louis Delos Angeles is a Certified Public Accountant, blogger behind Investing in Philippines, and author of Investing in Stocks: Preparing for the future small amount at a time. Check him out in Google+ Learn more about Louis and his financial freedom advocacy here.

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