Listening: Knowing will help you in your stock investment


We have our team alignment(a.k.a. team building) last October 4, 2014 at Gratchi’s Getaway in Tagaytay. One of the activities that was really an eye opener is the one where first we have to make connections and then paying attention of what is happening while everyone else is in that big circle of connection.

The activity was that each participant is given a piece of paper and wrote 5 answers to 5 questions. From those answers one has to find another participant who have one of his answers that will make them linked or connected. Then after making that big connection(yes we were all in a big circle after about an hour of asking each of their answer in order to connect) the game masters asked a couple of participants what is their connection. After that, one person representing his or her team is asked where are the person with such connection. That really made the point why listening is important.

In today’s stock market there are lots of noise that even with our connection(may it be in FB groups, forums, events, trends, and other noteworthy news) we don’t really know where to invest our hard-earned money. We tend to ask first rather than listening what the market is telling us.

Currently the world is facing so many issues that drive stock market movement. One is the Ebola crisis in Africa, another is the ISIS problem in the Middle East, and here in our own backyard are news about trust in the police force, the VP’s kickbacks, and the concerns of the upcoming ASEAN integration. With all these noise we start to panic and babble questions asking for answers which may not be the right one.

So instead of panicking and making wrong investment decisions one has to as the tag line says ” Keep calm” and listen.

There might be so many bad news and events happening but in those same news are opportunities. At times we just needed to look at the opposite direction to find out what those opportunities are.

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