Knowing the information in the Philippine Stock Exchange

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If you have not done it yet please read this post and familiarize yourself with Philippine Stock Exchange’s website. Right click here and chose “open in new tab” to go to there website.
Again in this page there are so many financial and investing lingo that you might not understand. Learning these words will help you understand investing so have the effort to search and understand these words. But our lesson here is to help you out how to navigate and get information about Philippine Stock market through PSE’s website. On the right side of the webpage you will see a box with the title Market information & PSEi Intraday
A new window pops showing a listing and a graph. Click on the listing under “ALL SHARES” and the PSE website will show you all the listed companies with some important information.
Familiarize yourself with the company names and their Stock symbol. You will be needing this to access the information of companies you are interested in. In the PSE’s main page there is a box on the right top “Symbol Lookup” Enter here the symbol of the company you are interested so that you can view important info regarding the company.
 Let’s check China Banking Corporation(I’m am not endorsing ChinaBank) use the symbol CHIB.
Chinabank’s Stock info page is shown. A graph of the company’s daily closing market price is available for you to see the movement of the stock price of the company.
Monitoring your stock’s price should be done if you are an investor. When you are an investor time is your ally. You buy stocks of good companies when their price is low and sell them when their price is high. But if you are a trader you are betting that a small rise in price during the trading hours will make or break you. Having information is an edge either one is an investor or a trader of stocks.
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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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