Awhile back I posted about a service from APF Trading called Expert Stock Screener(yup the one up there in the banner).

They have just sent me an email regarding a value added service which comes free to all subscribers to their powerful Expert Stock Screener. The free service is called APF’s Value Stock Picks. 

Why did they added this service? We know that we hold some stocks for we believe in the company’s capability to provide earnings in the long run thus if we can get a hold of these stocks when their valuation is good we can maximize our limited funds and accumulate such stocks.

Below is an excerpt from APF‘s website about Value Stock Picks:

New to Value Investing? Start with these 4 Pillars:

Pillar 1:


 APF Value Stock Pick Criteria 1:
We pick out stocks from the larger half of their sector.

Pillar 2:


APF Value Stock Pick Criteria 2:
Within each sector, we pick out stocks that are most undervalued based on P/E.

Pillar 3:


 APF Value Stock Pick Criteria 3:
Within each sector, we pick out stocks that are most undervalued based on P/B.

Pillar 4:


 APF Value Stock Pick Criteria 4:
Within each sector, we pick out stocks with the highest dividend yields.


If you are not yet subscribed to APF Trading’s Expert Stock Screener click the link below:

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