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As promised I am making a post regarding the features and navigation of the Citiseconline web page.

First we will try to tackle the quote tab of the Citiseconline page specially about the Stock Quote function.

The very first information you will get is seen in the color of the name of the company. When it is yellowish just like CHIB(ChinaBank) it indicates that the stock has no movement comparing today’s last traded price form yesterday’s. A green means its higher than yesterday while a red mean its lower than yesterday.

If you are already familiar with the BID and ASK columns you might notice the additional numbers beside each Bid or Ask data. Those are the number of bidders or sellers during the trade or those that are on queue. The Last 5 Trades are records of the transactions that affected the said particular stock for this matter CHIB was only traded 3 times. The number in the BUYER and SELLER COLUMN are assigned number for stockbrokers participating in the PSE. You can access that list here.

And lastly the vertical box on the side indicates all the information one needs when making a decision to buy or sell. It contains the price information during the trading hours like the OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, and PREVIOUS. 

Also basic information about the stock also are in this box

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