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VLOG Taxes Episode 5: Taxpayer’s Citizenship

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I am back with my blog through VLOG though(please support my YouTube channel Investing in Philippines and help me spread financial literacy in the Philippines)

So to continue my taxes series, I created VLOG Taxes Episode 5 which is all about of course me getting back to blogging and exploring VLOGGING to reach more audience and about the taxpayer’s citizenship and how it affects the taxpayer’s personal and additional exemptions when computing the income tax special now that the deadline to file annual income tax return and pay any tax still due  for those who are not covered by substituted filing.

This was a bit messy since I talk to much o other stuff. Leave your comments and suggestion in the Youtube comments. It would help me better present about this topic. Also if you think I did mention something off or wrong please post it in the comments so that I can correct myself . As I mentioned I have been out of the latest tax riles since I worked in Guam for 6 years. I need lots of updating as well so it would be nice to learn from you guys.

Are you a BIR accredited CPA? Appreciate if you can pitch in to this topic(also would like to ask your help how I can get my PRC_BOA and BIR Accreditation faster so that I can help more people in their tax and accounting matters).

Thank you very much and see you again in the next episode.

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7 steps to fatten your wallet

Learn Arkad’s 7 cures to fatten your lean wallet

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I have been reading the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” the seven cures or steps to fatten your wallet was the teaching given by the richest man himself, Arkad.   Below are the 7 steps(translated to my own words…