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April 15 Tax Day Reminder

Your accounting and computer skills could be offered part time to those who cant afford to have a full accounting and IT department themselves

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Just a friendly reminder. If you will be filing your own income tax or if your business has its fiscal year ending Dec 2014, your deadline to file your income tax return is this coming April 15, Wednesday. You should…

7 steps to fatten your wallet

Learn Arkad’s 7 cures to fatten your lean wallet

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I have been reading the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” the seven cures or steps to fatten your wallet was the teaching given by the richest man himself, Arkad.   Below are the 7 steps(translated to my own words…

Helping the poor is an investment

Helping the poor can affect the society in the long run by alleviating the poor from poverty and be more of a contributor to the nation’s economy

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We have all heard Pope Francis’s message of helping the poor as well as the true way of helping the poor. As he said helping the poor is not mere getting money from our pockets and handing it over to…