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Louis Thoughts: The PSE is stuck

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This is just my personal opinion.

I have observed that the PSE has been in the 7000 to 7500 zone for the longest time when we were thinking it would soar past 8000 by this time. We’ll lots of things change but in the Philippines but still there are factors beyond us. Though still if you will ask me if it is still good to enter the stock market, my answer is it is always good time to enter the market when prices are down. Entering it at this times means you are at least getting it at a bargain. But for the likes of me who are holding onto our shares, we are already “IPIT” so to speak.

Please watch the video and please fell free to share your thoughts, your opinions, and your suggestions. Again this is just my personal opinion and you mighht have a better one so let’s share it to our kababayans.


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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

Republic Act 10679: Youth Entrepreneurship Act now signed into law

start young and reap your earnings in your youth

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Finally, a law that will inculcate financial literacy in our schools. The new law says that: SEC. 2. Declaration of Policy. – It is hereby declared the policy of the State to promote the sustained development of young Filipinos whose…

Money Summit 2015 Day 1 at SM Aura

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I was fortunate to tag along with a free VIP pass at this years money summit 2015. Being the wannabe professional photographer(check out my photography blog here and my photography experimental deal here) I brought with DSLR camera to capture…