Another break, I know you noticed this already

Yup the stock market just corrected and if you have tons of cash good for you because you could be buying stocks at a bargain.
But that is not what I am talking about in this post.
Well if you are a Pinoy and have a Facebook account connected to some of the influential people you could probably read this already.

Ok enough of the suspense.

If you know Jomar Hilario, Bo Sanchez, Sha Nacino, Khoa Bui and the rest of the personalities that drove a new phase of the Philippine internet age you might have read their post and raves about these two guys from Cebu who at an early age founded a company and finally launching their book.

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Well, I was able to learn about their book through a friend and member in one of my FB groups, Khoa Bui Mastermind Members, Chris Dao-nis who posted about the upcoming launch of the book.

So I check it out and signup to received three sneak peek of the book.

Oh by the way the two young guys are Janmck Hilado & Hanz Florentino and their book is Rich Real Radical: 40 Lessons from a magna cum laude and a college drop out. They both founded Radical Millionaires. They are both into the business and marketing training and consultancy.

I was able to read the first three sneak peeks. Most of the people who posted their reviews mentioned that it is great or something, probably they got and advance copy already or just doing a favor because they believed in these two guys. As for me the sneak peek is not enough to really give a credible review or recommendation.
So why am I writing about it?
I just want yo guys to find out yourself. I think most people now are lazy and don’t even move a cinch to really learn and live the life that they wanted. These two guys did at a young age and they have put in a book in only 40 lessons what they have learned and experience about life and how to be really really successful.
Thus I invite you to check their sales page, signup to get the free sneak peeks, and decide if their book will truly make a difference.
Click the image below to check them out.
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