Beyond Debt-Free: Starting A Business Part 2

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Yes this is an addition to a previous post which you can read by clicking here. I would like to expand the idea of having your own business by learning from a coach or mentor.

Get yourself a coach or mentor to start your business


In reality most people start a business after getting inspired or their passion is again awakened by something or someone they have found out or have talked to. Inspiration and idea are always the fire starter in any endeavor just like what a commercial of a famous car brand said that rock n roll came from the idea of combining electricity and guitar.

One’s coach, mentor, or guru could be someone near you like your mom or dad, your elementary teacher, boss, or something you came across like a book, a magazine article, a place, a problem, or even something that you found out missing. Inspiration and ideas come to you all day but these will stay what they are and never develop unless you act upon it. Here is where these mentor or mentor come into picture and through constant interaction you get pushed to do something.

That is why as part of starting a business you got to continually seek  mentors and other forces that will shaped those inspirations and idea. If you think its expensive to attend seminars about productivity or workshops on some  skills you can always access free resources in the internet. Books could be read in libraries for free and casual conversation could be turned into an idea sharing session with your friends and co-workers. Take time to learn the ins and outs of your future business by mentoring or coaching.

Check out some Facebook pages and groups who gives (in a way)free mentoring .  Check out blogs that constantly share valuable information about your passion and sign up to their newsletter(yes sign up to my blog here).Read a weekly article in the newspaper that tackles the business you want in to be.

Remember that mentors or coaches are important


Remember that you might not be there yet(your dream business) but your plan or or blueprint should start now while early so that you can tweak it at a small level and avoid huge problems once it becomes a reality and a success.


The entire post is actually already an action step but in case you need further material check out of Yeng Remulla.

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See all awesome STOCK REPORTS in PinoyInvestor! (size 280x280)

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