A Better Philippines: It all starts at home

A better life starts at home

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In a few more hours or if you got this after elections after a few hours the Philippine Election has already ended.

Analyst say that the election won’t have much effect on the current growth of the Philippine economy. The fear that most are having is that those elected to the new seats at the Senate and Congress might not be in favor of Aquino’s goals for the Philippines.

But then again as I have always reiterated the Philippine’s economy does not rely on the government(yes if good leaders, not politicians get elected the more that the economy and the welfare of every Filipino will be better so keep praying that candidates with the best intention for the country and not for themselves truly get elected and do their good plans for the country). The true source of Philippine’s growth will rely to each “Pinoy” and it truly starts at home.

Sad to hear that up to this day vote-buying is rampant. And the worst of it is that the people themselves are the one demanding for money from politicians who of course have thought of that already thus they have amassed wealth while in their position for this and the next election. Even though we hear calls for no vote-buying how can we stop when it when there are people who are willing to sell their votes.

This starts at home. Imagine this a family of 6(that is 4 children and 2 parents) who needed money for their day-to-day living will surely vote for those who will give them 500 for each voter. So if in case 4 of the 6 can vote the family now has 2,000 pesos extra for the day or week. Others do buy by really handing the basic necessities like 3 kilos of rice or a bag of can goods. Who can resist such? And yet the family will accept it no matter what one because they need it and second is that everybody do it.

The effect seems not to decline because of the family of 6 we just mention 4 voted what if after 3 years the other 2 can now vote? The two now will have a perception that it is okay to sell their votes because they are helping the family.

Enough of this cyclical degradation.

After the election what will happen?

The family will still continue with what they have. And the worse is that instead of saving more so that they can secure the future people know will look up to this politicians for the promise of good life. This weakens the people making them believe that the government they voted will spoon feed them for all their needs. And again this is seen and experience by the younger ones thus their minds get stuck with such ideology that the politicians their parents and siblings who can vote elected will give them a good life and thus instead of striving each day to earn more and save more they  turn into “tambays”(bums) and freeloaders(palamunin) and the worse of it these people who have no work even had the latest cellular phones care of GSM or the so called “Galing Sa Magnanakaw”(phones are from pickpockets).

Again it all starts at home. If only parents raise their children with good virtues and principles Philippines today would have been far more than its rich neighboring countries. Philippines have the resources, the people, and the technical know-how but how come we are still a third world country for the longest time?

It is funny to hear from Pinoys who are now of other citizenship or who work abroad because in foreign lands they struggled and excelled. Why not do that in our own country? Why not excel in the Philippines?

I hope this election turns out right, I pray that whoever gets elected will be selfless leaders and if they were politicians I hope they grab this opportunity to change from just doing politics into doing the best for the Philippines. But again it all starts at home. Parents invest by turning your children to be virtuous, principled, and financially responsible citizen for the Philippines.

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3 comments for “A Better Philippines: It all starts at home

  1. May 20, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I totally agree!

    Change starts with each of us. Even a large and competent government can do only so much. If we want improvement and success in our lives, we need to do our part.

  2. Tin Perez'
    May 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm

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  3. July 8, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    I agree! For every problem, the solutions begin at home. We must acknowledge our own part in every problem our country is facing. We must help in our own little ways.


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